Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Etsy Finds

Ran across these beautiful things and thought I would share them with you!

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

Monday, June 29, 2009


Things I want to do this summer

1. Go see the Arkansas Traveler's play ball!
2. Go to the lake (and bring Conner- it'll be his first time! And yes, I ordered this doggy life jacket for him)

3. Clean out my garage. :(
4. Get Lasik Eye Surgery - I'm really nervous about this one but it's something I've been putting off for YEARS now!
5. Go on vacation!
6. Ride bikes in Seaside

Hopefully I can knock all of these things off my list plus some. What are YOU planning on doing this summer?

Captain Jack

This past week Buie and I were dog sitting AGAIN! We love animals so much we just can't say no! We actually volunteered for this one, too. :)
Here's a quick pic of Captain Jack I took last week. We'll miss having him around...

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Since moving into our new house in April, I have kept an eye on our yard to see what the previous owners planted. Because we moved from a condo, I have never owned a house with a yard. I am excited to get my hands dirty and do some gardening of my own. But this summer I am taking notes on what is already in the ground and how I could expand or change what is already available. So far I've noticed these flowers showing their pretty faces in our backyard...The last photo is obviously a picture of blacked eyed Susans but the other two I will have to research to find out their names. The first picture of the big pink flower is my favorite, without a doubt. I have noticed that in the morning they are at their fullest and in the evening when I get home from work, the flowers are completely closed. This goes on everyday - full in the morning and closed in the evening. Similar, I guess, to a Morning Glory in that sense...

But one flower I AM definitely familiar with is the hydrangea. The hydrangea was our wedding flower and how appropriate is it that our one year anniversary is coming up soon. Here are the beautiful hydrangeas that are blooming in our yard!
We also have a handful of roses and lilies to choose from. Although I do not know their exact name, I do know that these roses are unique - I have actually never seen any quite like them.As you can see, I have my work cut out for me to keep up with all that's growing around here! I think my next purchase will be a Gardening For Dummies book. It's hard to compete with the former owner. She definitely knew what she was doing. I am excited to learn all about gardening! My goal is to one day have my own vegetable garden, too. :) Hope you enjoyed a mini tour of our backyard.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Anniversary Time!

That's right, people! We've almost been married for ONE YEAR! July 5th, 2008 was a great day!

My husband is in desperate need of a new vehicle. After his Pathfinder was stolen last year (then we got it back), it has not run the same since. My "plan" was to buy him a new truck and surprise him for our one year...but it didn't exactly happen that way. So even though it wasn't a surprise, Buie DID get a much needed new vehicle this weekend. He picked out a 2008 Ford F-150. Here are a few pictures of him and his new ride.

So far Buie is really enjoying his new wheels. Last night, when we got back from the Ford dealership, he asked me if I wanted to open MY anniversary present. Well, what girl doesn't like gifts, so, of course I said yes!! And this is what I got! :) A Tiffany-style lamp! I have seriously wanted one of these since I was a little girl! So far, this anniversary celebration is going GREAT! And we still have like 8 days til the ACTUAL day!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekend Gardening

After having a migraine and staying in bed all day, I wanted to get some fresh air outside. Last week I went to Home Depot and found these beautiful succulent and cactus plants. I wanted to buy them all!but I picked a few of my favorites and came home with these!Rainbow Elephant Bush
photo via flickr
Echeveria peacockiiphoto via flickr
Echeveria imbricataphoto via flickr
Gymnocalycium mihanovichii "Hibotan"
photo via flickr
Jade Plant
photo via flickr

All of these plants are beautiful separately but TOGETHER they make quite the arrangement.
First things first. Start with a pot. I picked a rectangular one that I already had laying around the house. Make sure it has proper drainage holes in the bottom like this one.
Fill the container most of the way up to the top with potting soil. I used Organic Miracle Grow for inside potting. Then arrange your plants in any way you wish! I chose to use five plants in this container. And it turned out great!
I couldn't quite fit all of the plants in this container so I grabbed a few more containers and filled those too! This Aloe plant wasn't looking to great so I repotted it in this fancy pot. Hopefully it will love its new home and start to perk up soon. Overall, I was pleased with my first succulent and cactus purchase at Home Depot. After potting these new plants, don't forget to water! And if you have a dog, they make good "watch dogs" as our Conner is demonstrating here.
I can't wait to see how these new little guys do in their new pot!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Compassion International

The Buies are having a baby! Ok. Not really! But we do have a child! Through Compassion International, we have decided to give just $38.00 a month to sponsor a child in need.

By sponsoring a child, I will enable my child to have opportunities...
  • The opportunity to hear the gospel and learn about Jesus

  • The opportunity to receive an education

  • The opportunity to be healthy

  • The opportunity to develop self-confidence and social skills
Buie and I are so excited about OUR OPPORTUNITY to help a child in need. It is amazing to think that our 38 dollars will stretch so far to help pay for healthcare, food, and education. Here in the United States, thirty-eight dollars will barely buy us a decent dinner at a restaurant. We are willing, however, to give up going out to eat once a month in order to pay for our child sponsorship.

Well, let's see him already! ...
After waiting anxiously for an envelope from Compassion International, it FINALLY arrived with this picture enclosed.

His name is Alexander and he's from Nicaragua. Isn't he adorable? We are calling him "Alex" for short. I am looking forward to sharing stories and pictures with him. Please remember Alex is your prayers.

Will you consider sponsoring a child for just $38 dollars a month! If 38 dollars is out of your budget consider splitting this monthly cost with a friend, roommate or co-worker. By splitting with just four people, your monthly sponsorship would be LESS THAN $10!! And you would be impacting a child for a lifetime! Please think about this opportunity!

Weekend Review

Yesterday I was sick but I had every intention of getting this up before today. Oh well! So here is a little picture review of our Father's Day weekend. This weekend was also the weekend my oldest brother returned from Africa... more on this later. We were happy to have him back and to celebrate Father's Day! My dad grilled steaks, sausage, chicken, and ribs! The ladies handled the potato cassarole, green bean bundles, and many dessert options! I was stuffed! Our family goes all out for holidays! Buie was working on Saturday, but he was able to go see HIS father on Father's Day.

Here are a few pics of my family from the weekend...

I love this picture of me and my dad.

me and my oldest brother, Chris! This was the first time seeing him since CHRISTMAS!

my brother and his beautiful bride, Nicole. She really is a good sister-in-law... :)

The four kiddos, together again!

Mom and Dad on Father's Day. This is the first Father's Day my dad has celebrated without HIS Father.

me and momma. I love her!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Father's Review

When I started thinking about Father's Day, I began looking through the many pictures we have together. I love my dad's smile....even though he says he looks silly in pictures. My dad is the most genuine and honest person I know. His spiritual, emotional, and financial integrity is astounding and even a bit overwhelming. He is a role model that is hard to live up to. He is a TRUE example of Christ.

My dad is not really a lover of phone conversations, but he is always available to talk. When I call him, it's usually for financial, spiritual or social advice.... and the rest of the time it's about my car. :) In highschool and college, dad always took car of my car for me. When I went off to college, he taught me how to change a tire, check the oil in my car and even put air in my tires. When I came home on weekends, dad would ALWAYS ask, "How's your car doing?" I knew it was dad's way of making sure I was safe. Being an insurance salesman, dad is very concerned with safety. When I first got my license, he would always say, "Look both ways at a stop sign and WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!"

Dad is also a big fan of LA Tech basketball and football. Some of my fondest memories of my dad are when he gets really excited at a Tech game and starts yelling the Bulldog bark. Yes, he actually barks from the stands! :)
Growing up I always claimed to be a "daddy's girl." Every young girl dreams of marrying their dad before they truly understand the concept of marriage. When I started to have an interest in boys, I always compared every guy to my father. Of course, none ever measured up...until a few years ago. I would say the things I love in my husband are qualities I also admire in my dad. And even though I am married, I will always be a daddy's girl.
photo taken by Christen Byrd of Christen Byrd photography

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I love you!