Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Face Lift

I'm so excited to show you my redesigned photography site - Cara Beth Photography. A few months ago I started this blog to update you, my lovely readers and fans, with new pictures from my latest photo shoots. The site was, to say the least, lacking in creativity and style. But not anymore! Thanks to my new friend at Tricia Nae Design and with the help of Erika Jessop who designed my amazing logo, my photography blog got a face lift. I'm so excited about it (if you can't tell). So scoot on over to and check it out for yourself and don't forget to FOLLOW ME! :)

Site design by Tricia Nae Designs.
Logo design by Erika Jessop Design.

Kelly Moore Bag

I used some birthday money from my in-laws to buy myself a little present. So, Mrs. Carole, if you're reading this, this is what you bought me. :) I am checking the mail everyday until it arrives on my doorstep. I think it was on backorder but it should be here very soon!

Visit Kelly Moore Bag to buy one (or two) for yourself! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthdays, Facebook & Photography

First of all, if you are are my friend on Facebook then I would like to personally thank you for the birthday message because you probably sent me one along with two hundred other people. Don't you just LOVE signing on Facebook on your bday and reading all of your birthday messages? It's almost my favorite part! (besides the food, of course)
If you are NOT my friend on Facebook, you probably should be. :) You can also "like" Cara Beth Photography on Facebook and get updates of my latest photo shoots. Head on over to my photo blog here:: and check it out! I am getting a whole new blog makeover soon. It is actually in the process of being made and I just saw a mock- up for it and it's super cute! I can't wait to see the final product! :)

Have a great week!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Moms, kids and aunts...

Last week I talked about how crazy our weeks was - it was nothing compared to this week! I had something going on every night of the week, which is unusual for me. I try to relax in the evening and use the time for housework, picture editing, playing with the dogs, hanging out with B and just piddling around the house. Since I normally hit the sack around 9:30pm I don't have but about 4 hours by the time I get home from work at 5:30pm. I eat, feed the livestock, change into my comfy clothes, start some laundy (there is ALWAYS laundry to be done at our house), do some yard work and my night is pretty much gone. Where does the time go? I honestly don't understand parents who work full time and then come home to take care of a house full of children. The more I think about having kids, being just an aunt is becoming more and more appealing. How do mothers do it all? I know for a fact that my mother is Super Woman herself. She is the actual Super Woman - her cover name is Cindy Walker but she is, in fact a super hero.
I bet she even has a cape.

To mothers all over the world...CHEERS!

(I realize this would have been more appropriate on Mother's Day but I guess I'm a little slow.) ;)

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 4th & 5th- better late than never, right?

For the purpose of journaling, I want to write about our Fourth & Fifth of July, even though it's a little late. I like to look back from year to year to see what we did- this blog is like a scrapbook for me. :)July 4th this year was a little different than any other year - okay a LOT different.
Since we weren't exactly sure when little Landon would arrive, it was hard to plan much for the 4th.Originally, Landon was due on the 4th- then the doctor said he would be here early (June 28th). So we planned a big 4th of July get together/Landon welcoming party at our house. We thought this would be a perfect evening for the family to hang out with Landon all together. Well, Landon wasn't ready to come on the 28th, so we waited... and waited... all week long I kept waiting for a phone call from Craig or Nicole. I just kept waiting to see a text message that said, "Meet us at the hospital! Landon is coming!" Since Landon didn't make an appearance all week, the doctor said it was okay to induce on Monday, the 5th. Nicole was a bit disappointed and obviously we were all ready to meet Landon, but the 5th sounded like a good day to meet this little guy. So our 4th of July get together ended up being a sort of "last meal" for Nicole asshe was scheduled to head to the hospital for induction on the night of the fourth. All fourteen of us ate burgers and talked about how excited we were to meet Landon! We even got in a last pic of Craig and Nicole before the lil man arrived. All in all, it was a good fourth.
Took one last picture of Craig & Nicole before they headed to the hospital
Buie & his dad hanging out on the Fourth.
sending off Craig & Nicole!
The next day can be summed up in one word:: WAITING! All we did was wait on the little guy to make his appearance. We waited in the waiting room. We waited in the delivery room. We even left for a while to eat lunch and waited at the restaurant. Landon finally made his arrival a little after 5pm on July 5th, our 2nd anniversary! Landon was the best present ever! :) What a great 4th of July weekend!

the two granddads hanging out in the waiting room, my dad and Nicole's dad
While we were waiting we made a little video for Craig, Nicole & Landon! :)

Thank goodness for iPhones!

Chris, my oldest brother & his new bride, Amanda in the waiting room.
The whole family was there! :)

Finally, after hours and hours of waiting, Landon finally arrived!
He was worth the wait! :)
Hope y'all had a great Fourth!

Crazy week!

This has been a crazy week! Sunday we had fourteen people and five animals at our house for the Fourth of July - which I STILL haven't blogged about yet. I am still recovering from that. :) It was fun but playing hostess will wear you out. Am I right? Monday we welcomed little Landon and celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Tuesday, we had a landscaper dude come over to our house for an estimate on a project that we have brewing (more on this later). Wednesday I'm pretty sure I injested gluten somehow so Wednesday and Thursday were no fun for me. I had to cancel a fun bunko night I had planned with my girlfriends last night and I went home and crashed. When I eat gluten (accidentally, of course) it makes me feel just aweful and all I want to do is sleep - so I did for about 13 hours straight! Tonight I plan to catch up on some laundry and packed because Buie & I are headed south for the weekend!

Saturday & Sunday we are going to visit family and friends in my hometown in Louisiana! I'm looking forward to visiting with my one remaining grandparent left - we call her MeMe, or Memaw if you're my brothers (they like to be different, I guess). I haven't seen my MeMe since my brother's wedding in January. Although, we talk on the phone every week, I think that this is the longest I've ever gone without seeing.
We are bringing the dogs and this week we have an extra pup to bring along, too. Remember Maggie? Well, Maggie found a great home! yay! We are dog sitting her while her parents are out of town for a few weeks. We will have her another week so that means she is road tripping with us! It should make for an interesting drive to Louisiana with not just two dogs in the car but now THREE dogs in the car. :) Don't worry, I'll document the road down there just for y'all.

I hope you all have a wonderful relaxing weekend and hopefully I'll catch up with you soon!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two years down!

I can't let another day go by without acknowledging our 2nd anniversary. I couldn't get a blog post up on the actually day because we were welcoming this little guy into the world. I couldn't ask for a better anniversary present from my brother & sister-in-law.

Buie and I are were married, July 5th, 2008, in my hometown in Louisiana. The ceremony was in the chapel at my home church and the reception was at my grandparent's home - which is now where my parents live. Since I was a little girl, I had dreamed of having a wedding/reception at this house. I love this house. It is way more to me than a house - it is where most of my childhood memories were made. My grandmother made this house a home by her home cooking, her gardening and her tremendous amount of love. When she passed away in 2001, my grandfather continue living in that house on his own. They were married over 50 years. I cannot imagine being with someone for that long and to go on living in the same house without them. My grandfather carried on for 7 years after grandmom and missed her everyday. Buie and I were married in July 2008. My grandfather passed away January 2009, just six months later. A little piece of me thinks he held on just to see me get married. ;) He was my dear friend, my role model and I was his "sweet Cara."

On this 2nd anniversary, I am not only reminded of my grandfather's love for me but for his wife, Frances. I am reminded how he always opened doors for her, pulled out chairs for her, always gave her his coat on a cold night. He adored her and she him. I dream of a marriage like this. I pray that our love will grow into something beautiful and last for 50 years like theirs. I can't wait to grow old with this man. Happy Anniversary, Buie!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Landon Andrew

Before I do anything, please allow me to just share a few pictures of this precious face. I will blog about the whole weekend later and in detail (but not too many details for fear that I may lose some followers) :)

Allow me to introduce to you, my nephew, Landon Andrew Walker.
8 lbs. 9 ozs - 21 inches long and a head full of dark wavy thick hair and the cutest little nose I've ever seen - seriously!

the nurse spiked up his hair so we could see how long it was - Holy Cow! Where did he get all of that hair? I don't know and I don't really care either.

All I know is that we love him!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's my favorite month!

This month is and always has been my favorite month for many reasons:

  • I was born in this month.

  • My mom was born in this month.

  • Rubys are pretty birthstones.

  • Summer vacations- Man, I wish I still got a 3 month summer vacation.

  • July 4th is this month! I love all things red, white & blue!

  • Fireworks! I LOVE Fireworks! I even had fireworks at our wedding.
  • We got married this month! On the 5th to be exact. :)

  • My nephew will be born this month - hopefully on the 5th, too. :)

  • I have several cousins with birthdays this month. Growing up it was like a party all month long!
  • Baseball - need I say more? Go Astros!

Happy July!